October 05, 2011

Financial Rape

Years ago my view of banks began to change. I had an account (about 12 years) at the Royal Bank, since I was a child.

I was pushed to use the bank machine for my transactions instead of going to the tellers. One day when I tried to withdraw $20.00 from my account I was informed that my Debit Card was being confiscated and I needed to see the bank manager. What the...?

So I go to see the bank manager to find out what is going on. She proceeds to lecture me about fraudulent and irresponsible behaviors on my part. I am to be put on 6 month probation at the bank with no use of a Debit Card during that time. Then they would re-evaluate whether I could have one again. A service fee was also applied to my account, which then over-drafted it. I was stunned. When I asked why she informed me that my employer's paycheck (of around $300.00) had bounced two days before.

I reminded her of a few things:
  • I am lending them my money
  • The bank is not doing me a favor by giving me access to my money
  • My employer caused the issue, not me.
I asked her what she was going to do about my account. She said "Nothing, Bank Policy". I told her to close my accounts and the bank could 'f-off'.

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